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Underground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

Here’s an underrated track which has always gone for quite cheap, possibly due to the artist and label behind it not being hugely known. the “Melodic Meltdown” EP is a great 93 plate by the gents behind Hypno-Genesis, and as such is sort of the follow-up to their more well known “Induction of a Hypnotic State EP”. Since it’s one year later, this EP a bit less anthemy/xtc-ish, a bit heavier on the breaks… though there’s still some more uplifting 92 melodies popping in alongside the slightly deeper stuff. This track in particular might be more one for mixing than listening, as it’s pretty stripped down and straightahead compared to a couple of the others, but it’s the one I consistently spin so figured it’s best to post: stuttered breaks on the intro dropping into a nice bass+breaks combo, which leads to a melodic breakdown with a memorable (“melting”) synth part. It definitely highlights where a lot of producers were by the 93 era, still coming off more hands in the air 92 stuff, but not fully moved into the full on dark sounds of later 93 / 94.

Undeground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

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