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Dub Culture – Herb

I’ll admit that I have been neglecting my role on here a bit, with the lack of posts & that, but I should be more active in contributing content on here from now on. So let’s start off with a bit of background on this tune: it features on a wicked little CD compilation release called Snare Pressure, which contained exclusive tracks by producers you might know like Dextrous, Missing and Phaze III & Klass A. There’s also some lesser known producers featured like Dub Culture, who made this tune here. The comp came out on a label called Pterodactyl, a sublabel of the NINEBARecords label. Quite an obscure label, but they had some solid jungle tracks on there such as the Phaze III and Klass A “Fearful Dimensions” EP.

As for the track itself, it’s a moody 94-95 number blending ragga toasting and female vocals with nice sesame street and amen chopping.

Dub Culture – Herb

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