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The Man With No Name – VIP

To be frank with you, I actually don’t know that much about the background of this tune. It’s exclusively on the unmixed disc of the VIP Champagne Bash album & I can only assume based on the style & corresponding artist name that it’s produced by the same artist that made the Follow The Leader EP, a top notch slab of 4 darkside jungle tracks, released on MC Duke’s underrated label Hard Disk.

But about the actual tune: it starts off pretty light with a rolling hotpants break and ragga vocal teases above slightly lo-fi atmospherics (the type you’d only find in rough tune like this). But that all goes out the window on the drop, when a wicked amen storms in with a corresponding bassline, working in tandem to wreck up the dance. Definitely a favorite on this comp which, as the name indicates, is chock full of other exclusive 95 material.

The Man With No Name – VIP

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