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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – December 23rd, 2012

Sorry for anyone who skipped listening Wednesday waiting for a dl/tracklisting… I ended up not posting the radio show since I wasn’t really happy with it. Instead, here’s an more impromptu set I did yesterday, filling in after Havoc and N-Flow on Jungletrain. This one actually ended up being a lot better of a set in my opinion – starting with darkside, going through to some 94 jungle by the end. Pretty obscure stuff but some definite bangers in there!

Devnull – Blog to the Oldskool Radio 12-23-2012_128

Rufige Cru – Fury
Unknown (Total Vision EP) – Untitled
DJ SS – Pulsation
Suburbia – 2 The Dark
? – ?
Goldie – Universal Love
Ruffkut – Dangerous
Bunjy + Cridge – One Minute to Magic
Jim Polo + Neil Vass – Rollin Energy
Unknown (White Label) – ?
Secret Squirell – Coming On Dark EP
Templa – In n Out of Your Mind
Q Project – Night Moves
Unknown – (White Label) – ?
Unknown – (White Label) – ?
Dillinja – Waveform EP
Invisible Man – Mysteron
Hyper-On Experience – Ouija Awakening
S.H.A.R.P.- Spirit Come Down
Addiction – Wildstyle EP
DJ E-Logic – Musical Mayhem
Defender – Feel it (Bass)
Morphosis – Symphony
China White – VIC004
Mega 1 – White007
Doc Scott – NHs (Disco Remix)
DJ Dance – Menthol
Citadel of Kaos – Passion
No F – S Know
Section 47 – Yob Culture
Evil D-E-D – ?
Sy – Feel It (Hyper-On Experience Remix)
? – ?
Northern Connection – Think
Ruff With the Smooth – Twisted Girl
DJ Infinity & Back to Basics – Paradise
Override – Phase
Engineers without Fears – Rhythm
MB Dextrous – Bass Range Fury
Clarky + Dillinja – Sinewave
Knowledge and wisdom – Tear Down
The Freaky – Abandon Me
Dance Squad – Yua Raggamuffin
Remarc – THunderclap
Black Hand – Mafia #2
DJ Devine + Essence – Ease Up

2 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio – December 23rd, 2012”

  1. Some quality tune selections on this cast – just love Defender Feel It – the energy on that track is wicked, Twisted Girl is one of my favourite ever tracks too, so big respect.

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