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Dillinja – Untitled EP (Tough Toonz TT002)

I’m sure you all know about Dillinja, so no explanation needed this time. His early 93 singles on this label and Cybotron are some of his best stuff in my opinion, mostly narsty amen tracks. This one is no exception, combining the aforementined beats with classic moody pads ala 93/94 plus some diabolical hoover business part way through. For some reason I don’t see this one come up for sale much these days, despite being presumably less rare than some of the tougher to find Cybotron releases. If you do see a copy for cheap, definitely nab it as all four tracks are good!!

Dillinja – B2

2 Replies to “Dillinja – Untitled EP (Tough Toonz TT002)”

  1. this is the kind of record Dillinja would take stacks of on the tube to sell to stores.

    probably my favorite dillinja release. I really like the one off V Recordings just after.

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