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Panacea – Big Bad Head Mix (Remaster)

I just noticed Panacea posted up a remastered version of his great 2002 “Big Bad Head” mix, including download links. Not sure how long the dl link will stick around, so get to downloading!
Big Bad Head Mix(REMASTER) by positionchrome

I don’t post many mixes on this site, and when I do they come heavily approved by me… this mix is no exception. Lots and lots of favorites in this, including a number of tunes I’ve posted here. It’s really got just the right level of known/unknown.. plenty of lesser known tracks but never too grimey or obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure. I’m not sure if it was done with vinyl, CDJ or sequenced in a wave editor, normally I prefer vinyl but really this mix is so frantic and excellent it really doesn’t matter to me (though I’ve heard Panacea is a serious vinyl head so I’m pretty sure it’s all sourced from his collection regardless of how it was recorded).

Tracklisting swiped off discogs:

1.1 Secret Squirrel & A.J Flex – Jungle Squirrel (Remix)
1.2 Double X-Posure – Go With The Flow
1.3 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect (Remix)
1.4 Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets
1.5 DJ Mayhem – Cold Acid
1.6 Alec Empire – Bass Terror
1.7 China White – High And Dry (Remix)
1.8 Edge Of Darkness – Come Together (After Dark Remix)
1.9 Enforcer – Dam Tuff
1.10 DJ Krome & Mr. Time – The License
1.11 DJ Ileagle – Testify
1.12 DJ Vibes – Obsession
1.13 Ramos + Supreme – Crowd Control
1.14 Dream – Power Of Darkness
1.15 Cybernetic Empire – Equinox
1.16 Orca – 4AM
1.17 Alec Empire – Hetzjagd (Auf Nazis!)
1.18 Anti-Chaos – Crazy Jungle
1.19 Mole The Dipper – Too Positive
1.20 Acen – Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light)
1.21 Cybernetic Empire – Ozone Storm
1.22 DJ SS – Pulsation
1.23 Mole The Dipper – Eye Of The Dinosaur (Remix)
1.24 Bizzy B. & Technochild – Dubplate Wars
1.25 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – You Are The One
1.26 T.D.K. & Bizzy B – Warp Factor (94 Revamp T.D.K. Mix)
1.27 Intense – The Quickening
1.28 Edge Of Darkness – Hell Raiser
1.29 Eliminators, The – Soothe My Soul
1.30 Bay-B-Kane – Don’t Make Me Vexed
1.31 Double X-Posure – Ultracore
1.32 Cru-L-T – Snow In Summer
1.33 Oz Beat – Untitled
1.34 Questionmark – ? (Volume 1)
1.35 Luna C – Project – I Know U (D’Cruze Remix)
Remix – D’Cruze
1.36 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Gotta Release
1.37 DJ Fokus – Chill Out
1.38 Xenophobia – Rush In The House
1.39 Q-Project – Champion Sound
1.40 Dream Frequency – One Nation (Remix)
1.41 D’Cruze – Life (Remix)
1.42 Desired State – Dance The Dream (Remix)
1.43 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Further Out ( Da Far Out Remix)
1.44 Dream Frequency – Euphoria (Force Mix)
1.45 Frequency – Kiss The Sky
1.46 Shut Up & Dance – Raving I´m Raving
Featuring – Peter Bouncer

5 Replies to “Panacea – Big Bad Head Mix (Remaster)”

  1. I got this CD, its fkn crazy lol

    too much happy hardcore style stuff but always juxtaposed with nasty hehe

  2. yeah it kinda reminds me of Easygroove in that regard (happy hardcore to darkside and back again), minus the records skipping of course ;).. best is when he starts 4am and cuts into that alec empire track…

  3. Thanks for posting this, been a fan of the blog since forever….yeah, 3 decks straight to mini-disk and yes, the vinyl-collection has grown to rather problematic proportions!

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