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Rhythm Section – “1990-1992 Remasters” CD out now

Thanks to a reader for pointing me to this, had no idea this was coming out!

not sure why the player is cutting off a bit, some CSS thing I don’t have time to investigate… player still works though!

Originally, there were some very aggressive vinyl reissue plans for Rhythm Section – a series of 8-10 reissues of all their classic EP tracks on vinyl. Unfortunately, despite the unquestionably classic status of these tracks, I don’t think the dwindling vinyl market really supported those plans, so they stopped after just 2 of the reissues. Thankfully, most of the Rhythm Section singles were pressed in large numbers and hence can still be found second-hand for cheap on discogs/ebay. This CD might be their solution to reissue all these tunes at once, and it’s a great idea , especially if they do a digital release as well. These are classic tracks everyone should know, I’ve got the bulk on vinyl already but will definitely rebuy on CD or digitally.

The CD is currently out of stock on Juno, which means maybe they haven’t gotten their shipment in (it was supposed to be released today). I’ll try to update this with additional “for sale” links when I find them.

6 Replies to “Rhythm Section – “1990-1992 Remasters” CD out now”

  1. A very good initiative, also another good gem: the repress of the shades of rhythm album on salvo…. reminds me a lot of things. back in near twenty years later…

  2. its on itunes as well. just downloading it now…

    great blog by the way – i’ve been looking for tic tac toe’s “emphemerol” to download for ages.

    pity itunes doesnt have some way of organising a “oldskool” section so that all these classics can be brought to a new audience.

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