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Connectivity Issues / DJ set this Thursday

Hey all, I was away for the past week and now having some issues w/ my network at home which is making ripping stuff a pain, trying to fix it ASAP.

In the meantime, any east coast US people might want to know about this:

facebook event, or just click on the flyer

I’m opening the night at 10:30pm playing 94-96 (maybe some 97) atmospheric/intelligent/”dolphin music”. … never played a set in this style before, so I was psyched when they asked me to open and specifically requested this style. Curious to see what I can find in my crates, and to get to play more “heady” tracks than the usual hoover/piano/ragga vocal/chipmunk diva stuff I play.

As usual, Dara will level the club. I would say many more nice things about him but anyone who could possibly go to this show already knows all that good stuff and has probably seen him destroy this very same club on numerous previous occasions, so… see you there!

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