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Foul Play Productions – Finest Illusion

Here’s a real treat… one of the most revered and in-demand oldskool tracks out there. Despite having several pressings, this track is somewhat scarce due to the fact that it was recalled (on account of the uncleared S.O.S. Band sample). It was later released as a “legal” version on Moving Shadow with the SOS Band sample removed, spiffed up quite nicely with extra synth work and a sharper mix… still, this original version is the one that most people seem to be after. It took me years to find a vinyl copy since it usually goes for stupid money, but I managed to nab this for “only” £20.

I don’t think I need to spend time explaining who Foul Play are, search my site and check the amazing track I posted from “vol 1”, then go check out their various releases on itunes/juno/beatport/discogs/ebay, as they put out quite a number of great tunes. Then check out Steve Gurley’s solo garage work, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse releases, etc. etc. In addition to this great A-side track, The B side of this EP is absolutely wicked as well. I actually thought about posting that instead, but figured I’d have to be a real bastard to do that.

I guess I’m tempting the fates a bit by posting this track, since it’s connected to (but not technically on) Moving Shadow… I really try to steer clear of posting releases on this site from labels which sell tunes online (Shadow, Sub Base, Reinforced), since I don’t want to take away from their sales / get sued. That being said, I double checked and this one is not for sale anywhere, and most likely will never be for sale due to the uncleared sample… so I’m assuming it’s safe to post.

Foul Play Productions – Finest Illusion

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Apologies for the sound quality, my copy is a bit battered and the pressing on the original isn’t exactly stellar. Still I think it’s definitely listenable, anybody who has a problem with it can go nab the £ 90.00 NM copy on discogs….

12 Replies to “Foul Play Productions – Finest Illusion”

  1. As a Burial fan I’m fascinated with this tune since it’s a awesome example of where he developed parts of his sound from.

  2. yeah this is even after running through vinyl restoration plugins. Didn’t try to re-eq it though, suppose the bass prob could have used some boosting.

  3. I can’t believe this tune sells for that much these days. I got this for 4 quid from Boogie Times years ago. Classic tune! Which oddly enough I was playing about 2 hours ago.
    I think your rip sounds a bit ropey though, it doesn’t sound like my vinyl.

  4. weird, I heard another copy and it sounded pretty bad similar to mine. maybe both of our were just badly worn. My needles are already a bit mashed, it’s strange though the record itself looks to be in good enough shape I guess it could still just be worn down without any obvious surface scratches?

  5. yeah mine is the regular picture label release, I waited to buy that one because I heard there was a pressing fault w/ the other version.

  6. Yeah, if you read Discogs it says something about the black label (no label) pressing having a fault, though to be honest it came out a few weeks after the official was withdrawn and seems to me to be fine, nice and warm low end slightly tinny amen circa 1993. Admitedly the track itself seems to be mastered pretty shabbily, but then again a lot of tracks from that era were, however my copy certainly seems to sound better than the one you have ripped. Maybe it is your stylus’ but mine are pretty fucked too.

  7. I have the original TP with the pink label and the pressing is just as bad on that. It seems to only be the A side that sounds dodgy tho. The breaks are all kinda distorted on the Finest Illusion side.

  8. if you just want the track there are bootlegs of this around which sound okay – presumably ripped from copies of the original vinyl with less surface noise

  9. The sound quality is probably due to it being made on an amiga. To get all the vocal on it they probably had to sample it at a lower bitrate, this would be because of crappy sample memory back in 1992-93.

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