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Blog To The Oldskool Facebook Page

Yeah I know, two new websites in as many days… I just created a Facebook page for this site. Not sure what I’ll do with it in the long run, in the meantime though feel free to add it and post whatever comments you want, links to favorite oldskool tracks on youtube, etc.

Blog To The Oldskool Facebook Page

One Reply to “Blog To The Oldskool Facebook Page”

  1. I understand what you talking `bout…

    sorry for troubling you and your doing!

    I just was that frustrated, no damn mp3 site sell this tune (although I get some others easily), and next week I`m gonna play a jungle revival (and yes, I ripped all my jungle tunes from vinyl) and this tune should be one of my warm up set!

    I was searching and searching, finally I found your site and I was much more pissed off that tune was in a (yeah, I know now why) bad version!

    It is cool to know that I could get that tune (also I found it here:, but I don`t need it in 3 weeks, I need it next saturday…

    that is why I was hustling…

    sorry so much for that, I respect your job and of course your blog!

    -bubble / some people in germany know me

    PS: is there a mixtape of you? maybe I can bring you to germany, so I could hear the glide “all right” in a good quality and also I don´t need to play the warm up 🙂

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