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Jim Polo – Phantasy’s

Here’s a nice overlooked EP – serious deep + dark vibes on this one. Jim Polo did a number of EPs between 93 and 94: some solo, some with Neil Vass. He also co-ran the essential darkside label Dark Horse Records. The label’s biggest tune was probably Rolling Energy, though all the releases on Dark Horse I’ve heard are quality. Dark Horse records is probably one of the biggest holes in my collection, for whatever reason I’ve never nabbed much of their stuff on vinyl despite it all being excellent darkside/darkcore. This is one of the easiest to find / cheaper EPs… not sure why that is, the only thing which lets this EP down a bit is the quality of the beats (for 93, they’re a bit low-fi and grimey, and not in a good way). Still this EP is definitely worth checking out – as with a lot of their stuff, there’s some great moments of originally melodic and happy female vocal snippets being twisted into serious darkcore.

Jim Polo – Phantasy’s

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