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Hedgehog Affair Presents Rush Till Dawn – Come On

Sometimes I have EPs on my wantlist for years, due to scarcity or cost, and once I finally track them down I can’t help but be underwhelmed and think… “I spent that much time/money/time and money for THIS???” “Hedgehog Affair IV” is not one of those EPs. I finally picked this EP up recently on the cheap, and knew as soon as I dropped the needle onto the first track that it was worth waiting for… The EP as a whole is really strong, so much so it’s hard to pick just one track to post. This first track is a bit less “Basement Records-y” than the others but is still catchy and rad, a straightahead no-nonsense great rave track. Some of these later non-Basement Ron Wells related releases are a bit hard to find and are really wicked, maybe a bit more melodic than the stuff on Basement while still having that driving “jungle techno” underpinning. There’s even a straight up 4/4 acid techno stomper on this EP.

Oh yeah, it sounds like my needles are going yet again so this rip is kinda noisy.

Rush Till Dawn presents the Hedgehog Affair – Come On

5 Replies to “Hedgehog Affair Presents Rush Till Dawn – Come On”

  1. woah, do you mean there was a separate Play De Record that only had vintage stuff (presumably stuff from their basement?) Sounds epic!! Did Gunns run that place?

  2. Hedgehog affair does it again, top tune this, Part 3 “don’t just stand there” is still my favourite of this series though

  3. @pete, I’m not sure who specifically from play de ran the place but yeah it was there for a couple years across the street and up the block a bit but it shut down 🙁

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