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DJ H – The Bass Project EP

Merry chrimbo, ya raving lunatics!!! Here’s your present: a track from the megarare DJ H “Bass Project” EP. I’ve seen people offer 100 pounds for this EP, and discogs hasn’t sold a copy since they started tracking sales. A lot of the rarest singles end up leaving you underwhelmed when you finally hear them – not this one though! Perfectly grimey frantic beats, massive rave synths and so-wrong-but-so-right vocals. All 3 tracks are good but the A side (posted here) wins out for me.

DJ H – Petruccio

Also, I guess I should give you some X-mas related hardcore:

DJ Junk – Do It Do It

Here’s a wicked DJ Junk track I actually had never noticed before, but heard on some discogs forum recently (thanks to spa5tik0lonz for posting it)… it turns out I already had it on an LP reissue of DJ Junk tracks, an LP which btw is cheap, easy to find and a solid buy. Not only does the LP contain a lot of the best DJ Junk tracks (as well as some unreleased bits), it contains descriptions of every tune on it, talking about where he sampled each sound from, what DJs played what tune, etc. Here’s what DJ Junk has to say about “Do it Do it”

This was an unofficial remix of Mental Cube “Q”, speeded up a bit with loops from Meat Beat Manifesto’s “Radio Babylon” and Symphony Sounds “Really Living” over it to give it the ’92 style and a vocal sample from tyhe Disco Four’s “Do it Do it”. This was played by Carl Cox loads of times.

I’m still up to buy the original if anyone has a copy for sale or trade? For now though I did this rip from the LP.

DJ Junk – Do it Do it!
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