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Unknown Artist – The Block Up EP

As mentioned previously, I’m going to try to get back into some tune posts here, focusing mostly on really obscure stuff… I just got back from another quick UK trip and I’d say this EP fits the bill. There’s no info about this EP on discogs (I just added it for the sake of this post), but I took a chance because it was in a pound bin (well, 50p) and totally had the look of a 90-92 hardcore whitelabel: the font, the track titles, the fact it’s a 4 tracker, it all screams ropey 91/92 “not on label” release. Probably goes without saying but, regardless of music, it’s quite a big vibe to still discover EPs after all these years never listed on discogs, fleabay, etc

As to whether it’s all that good or not… err..I do like it a bit but can see why it’s escaped totally unknown until now. It’s not exactly a killer long lost classic. All 4 tunes are definitely on the slower side of things, mostly hovering around 130bpm. There’s a couple with (slow looped 91 style) amens, a more technoey one, and this track “Pusuit” with a variety of classic breaks in it (Funky Mule, Think, etc) and acidy parts which I do like.

Overall, I could see this being one of those quirky releases which no one would have cared about back then but which a few people could get fixated on now, both for the obscureness and for the “so wrong it’s right” kludgy production. Your mileage may vary though, so check it out and please comment below if you know anything about it.

Oh yeah, while I definitely believe this to be a 90-92 EP, it’s also possible this is actually a newer release made to look like it’s from that era. Honestly I can’t be bothered to really dig in and research further, but figured if I post it here, hopefully someone can appear and give some info into it. Also, if it is a recreation / “new old”, then props to whoever did this as they made it quite convincing!

Unknown Artist – Pursuit

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