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Radio Show Archive 10.06.18

Sunday, 10th of June we had another chapter of the BTTO radio show. Blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat.

  Pete took the first hour and boy was he on fire. He was playing heavy hitter after heavy hitter and turned it up right towards the end of his hour, a definite must listen. Uploaded version is a rerecord because Pete wanted the archived version to be even crisper for the listener. My picks from what can be revealed are “Shy Fx – Cry (T Power Remix)” and “Equinox – Badman Style”.
  Tim took the second hour with a very different approach, he pulled out lighter tunes from the smoother side of the spectrum, but he couldn’t help himself to a few stompers in the mix, so watch out for screwface. My picks from the mix are “DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Bounty Killaz Remix)” and “Plug (Luke Vibert) – Gangsta”.

Pete DevNull 10th June 2018:

?? – ??
Just Us’ – Dread At The Controls
Tim Reaper, Dwarde – Globex volume 5 A1 (forthcoming 7th Storey Projects)
Dexterous – Lovable Part 2
Cloud 9 – Snow
?? – ??
Unknown – Trigger Happy Vol 2 A1
Rampage – Ramping
?? – ?? (forthcoming 8205-006)
?? – ??
?? – ??
Shy Fx – Cry (T Power Remix)
?? – ??
R-Type – Love Is Blind
Coco Bryce – ??
?? (33bleep)
Half Breed – Every Posse
J Majik – Telepathe (out now on Deep Jungle)
?? – ??
Mental Power – Dream Sequence (Back 2 Basics Remix)
Krome & Time – Ruiffneck Scouts
?? – ??
Rups – Majestic Bassline
Equinox – Badman Style

Tim Reaper 10th June 2018:

Aquasky – Sea Monkey
Van Kleef – Life Began Changing
?? – ??
Eternal Bass – Infinity (Jay J & Devious D Remix)
Arcon 2 – Liquid Earth (Part 1)
Miranda – Back To The Future
Tim Reaper – Get In The Flow
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Bounty Killaz Remix)
D4 – Bad Acid
?? – ??
Lemon D – Feel It
Mad Dog – Seance (Jack ‘N’ Phil Remix)
Palm Skin Productions – The Beast (System Remix)
Sub Sequence – Let It Down
Ricochet – Feel The Fire (Vocal Mix)
Dragon Fly – Equal
City Connection – Heaven
LTJ Bukem & Peshay – 19.5 Reprisal
A Guy Called Gerald – Hot Foot
Plug – Gangsta
Rinca – This World (Bass Rub Mix)
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??

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