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Radio Show Archive 29.04.18

Sunday, the 29th of April we had a LIVE show once again and blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. First hour was a regular set, but the second hour was a tribute to the Original Dj Vibes. To quote Pete: “This mix features every record he released from 1992-1995, including collaborations & (likely) aliases, almost entirely in order (at least within label).”

  Tim took the first hour with a lovely mix of classics. Definitely worth a listen while relaxing or doing some work. My picks from the mix are “DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication” and “Dillinja – Sovereign Melody”.

  As mentioned before Pete dedicated the second hour to Original Dj Vibes, so listeners can get a definitive overview of his music in this mix. You need to listen to this mix in full so my recommendation is every track in the mix.
Enjoy the mixes!

Tim Reaper 29th April 2018:

Nookie – Tribal Dance
Safari Sounds – Hazardous Happenings
Big Bud – New Vision
DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication
DJ Business – Mash-Up
Steve Gurley – Sensual Sacrifice
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – River Niger
The Criminal Minds – Change The Pace
Kid Twist – Champion Sound
DJ Kane – Rebel Without A Draw
Plasmic – Fazed
?? – ??
Boogie Times Tribe – Real Hardcore (Johnny Jungle Remix)
Tango – Think Twice
EZ Rollers – Spin Out
T.Power – Chasin’ A Dream
Coco Bryce – Ganymedes
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody
Jack Horner – After Midnight
?? – ??
Jim Polo – Dark Phantasy’s
Anthill Mob – My Selector (Back To ’92 Mix)
?? – ??
Blinded By Science – Afterlife

Pete DevNull 29th April 2018:

Original DJ Vibes – Nice Up De Area [Dance Floor Studios DFS003]
Original DJ Vibes – Skin Up [Spinnin Vinyl SV001]
Original DJ Vibes – Untitled (Style EP B2) [Dance Floor Studios DFS008]
Original DJ Vibes – Babylon Attack (Attack Mix) [Dance Floor Studios DFS005]
Original DJ Vibes – Oh Baby [Spinnin Vinyl SV002]
Original DJ Vibes – All Crew (Mix 1) [Sensi Records SES001]
Original DJ Vibes – Feel Real Good [Sensi Records SES002]
Unknown Warrior – Dark Edge [Sensi Records SES003]
Original DJ Vibes – Feel Free (Mix 1) [Sensi Records SES004]
Combination 2 – Combination 2 [Active Records AR1]
Original DJ Vibes- Let The Beat (Move Your Body) [Spinnin Vinyl SV003]
Original DJ Vibes & Hellrazor – Fe All De Junglists [Breakthrough Records BR02]
Combination 2 – Can You Reach [Active Records AR2]
Original DJ Vibes – Fever (Do It Right) [Spinnin Vinyl SV004]
Combination 2 – Visions in my mind [Active Records AR3]
Combination 2 – Don’t Stop [Active Records AR4]
Original DJ Vibes & Hellrazor – Head to the Sky [Breakthrough Records BR03]
Sensi Crew – Piano Madness [Active Records AR5]
Original DJ Vibes & Hellrazor – Future Beats 2 [Breakthrough Records BR04]
Rock & Original DJ Vibes – Butterpan Sound [Active Records AR6]
Original DJ Vibes & Hellrazor – Skinout [Breakthrough Records BR05]
Original DJ Vibes – Pull Up (Dem Style) [Active Records AR7]
Freestyle – Chillin [Breakthrough Records BR06]
Bounty Killer & Beenie Man – Borderline Mobster (Sensi Crew Remix) [Greensleeves GRED5011]
Original DJ Vibes – Givin You My Love (Dis Mix) [Active Records AR8]
Original DJ Vibes & Hellrazor – Fresh Style [Active Records AR9]
Original DJ Vibes – Blow Ya Mind (Kenny Ken Remix) [Active Records AR10]

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