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Original Sample Hunt – DJ Seduction – Sub Dub

Hello from the Postman
  I’m creating a new segment called Original Sample Hunt, which is all about the vocal samples in Jungle and DnB tunes and finding the original track. On Sundays show we had a discussion about a tunes vocal sample and I thought that finding original tunes from the vocal samples might be a nice addition to the blog.

  I kick things off with a tune that sparked this idea in my head “DJ Seduction – Sub Dub”.

This tune has a lovely female vocal sample in it that is from a tune called “Bumble – West In Motion (Haunted Mix)”.

That seems to be the original track that the female vocalists sample is first heard on, but if we do a little digging, we find out that the vocalist is called Maddy Prior and the song is an old folk song called “Bushes and Briars”. Here is a lovely website that has loads more info on the folk songs origins.

If you like this kind of sample searching, give me suggestions of tracks that I should find the originals to. I am not making any promises that this will be a consistent feature of the blog, but if I find tracks that might interest people, I will write about them.

13 Replies to “Original Sample Hunt – DJ Seduction – Sub Dub”

  1. Up until *just now* I never paid close attention to the actual lyrics; but this has been a fascinating short journey.

    I am already looking forward to the next segment 🙂

  2. Thanks for adding bringing those links out, maybe they weren’t that clearly spotted in the text. I wasn’t quite sure whose vocal was used is what mix and which track at the time.

  3. As far as i am aware dj seduction actually sampled Maddy Prior’s version of ‘Bushes & Briars’ which is a rare rendition that was on a readers digest cd sent in the junk mail to his house.It is indeed hard to find biut i did find an mp3 of it quite a few years back and will try and post Maddy’s rendition to clear things up.

  4. If you can find and upload it, that would be lovely, I love original vocal samples. If you can find it and want to send it so I can post it here, let me know, I’ll send you a e-mail.

  5. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Maddy Prior. It is a sample of ‘West in Motion’ by Bumble and the vocalist on that track is Breda Mayock, as Simon R has stated. Listen to the singer- she clearly has an Irish accent, Maddy Prior is not Irish, Breda Mayock is. There is a reason why nobody can find this Maddy Prior rendition of the traditional folk song ‘Bushes and Briars’, (which Breda Mayock’s vocal is based on) – the reason being it doesn’t exist.

  6. This Maddy Prior nonsense has been well and truly debunked for some time now, but for some reason the myth persists. Now a sample hunt that I would be interested in, if you have anything to shed any light on it- where the hell is the ‘every posse and crew’ vocal on ‘Some justice’ from?

  7. It is Maddie Prior and I remember reading an article back in the 90s with DJ Seduction and the readers digest story. On another note surely Seduction himself can clear this up as its not that hard to communicate with dj’s as certain people on here who have never heard the Maddie version think they know it all.

  8. I think the synth supporting the vocal fits in with being created by Brimble. Therefore, I believe DJ Seduction sampled Brimble.

    Where Brimble got the vocal, I don’t know, but it sounds like it could be either Maddy Prior or Breda Mayock to me.

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