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Radio Show Archive 04.02.18

Sunday, 4th February we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show. Blessings to everyone who stayed locked on throughout.

  Pete took the first hour with some out of the ordinary 1997 to 2001 selection, which might not be some peoples’ cuppa, but Pete pulled it off. My picks from the mix are “K – Transmission” and the last tune that remains not mentioned.
  Tim took the second hour with a more regular 93-95 mix, but he started off with freshers from himself that will hopefully see a release. My picks from the mix are “Omni Trio – Shadowplay” and “Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face”.

Pete DevNull 4th Feb 2018:

Polar – Mind of a Killer
Adam F – Metropolis
Facs – Journey Into Sound
Matrix – Convoy
Current Value – Creative Robot
J Majik – Your Sound Remix
Digital – Lower Depths
K – Transmission
Special Forces – Something Else (The Bleeps Tune)
Pieter K – Under the Radar
ASC – Black Steel
Shanie – What Way to Turn (Dom & Roland Remix)
Technical Itch – Reborn
Johnny L – The Bells
Sileni – Cold Sweat
Subject 13 – Reservoir Dogs
Abstract – The Message
Total Science – The Facts of Life
Alpha Omega – Don’t Believe It
Dylan & Loxy – Evolution
?? – ??

Tim Reaper 4th Feb 2018:

Sully – Blue (Tim Reaper Remix #2)
Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 5
DJ Hype – Roll Da Beats (ft. MC GQ)
Omni Trio – Shadowplay
Intense – Space Time Continuem (Ricky Force Remix)
DJ Massive – It Keeps On Callin’ (Drum & Bass Mix)
The Bookworm ‎- Who Knows Vol. 1
Skool Of Hard Knocks – Kan Ya Feel It
?? – ??
Intense – Ecstatic
Timmi Magic – Everything
?? – ??
Sacred – Kall Da Kops (?? Remix)
Trinity – Chapter 19
Champa B – Untitled
Johnny Jungle – Johnny ’94 (Kings Of The Jungle Remix)
Coco Bryce – ??
Fokus – Untitled
Orca – Shining Bright
DJ Biggs – Sunrize
Ed Rush – The Force Is Electric (Remix)
Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face

One Reply to “Radio Show Archive 04.02.18”

  1. “Plastic Face” actually makes me wish I had a turntable. It gets me all ecstatic even without the tanztabletten

    wow what a tune.

    Yeah the set is great also 😉 but that tune is just amazing…

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