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Radio Show Archive 07.01.18

Sunday, 7th January we had the first Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show of the year and it was LIVE. The hours were swapped as Tim lost the track of time and showed up late, but mixes and the selection was great, and we got to hear them both absolutely LIVE.

  Pete DevNull took the first hour with a 93-95 set plus we got to hear a new 8205 release. My picks from the mix are “808 State – Pacific State(remix)” and an older tune from Tim Reaper.
  Tim Reaper took the second hour with a general theme and brought us some exclusive fresh tunes My picks from the mix are “DJ Easy M – Jungle Odyssey” and “Harmony & Xtreme – Wicked & Bad (X Nation Remix)”.

Pete DevNull 7th Jan 2018:

Tracklist coming a bit later.

Tim Reaper 7th Jan 2018:

?? – ??
Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning (Roni Size Mix)
Tango & Ratty – The Killer
DJ Easy M – Jungle Odyssey
Positive Mental Attitude – Spirits Dancin’
?? – ??
The Undergraduates – Space
Undercover Movement – Warning (Dark Warning Mix)
?? – ??
Skool Of Hard Knocks – Jungle Sugar
?? – ??
?? – ??
Harmony & Xtreme – Wicked & Bad (X Nation Remix)
Dev/Null, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??
Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah (Johnny Jungle Remix)
Virtigo – Requested Sound
E.P.S Man – Shockout
Brainkillers – Screwface (Hardcore Mix)
Static Substance – Ghetto People (Remix)
Rugged Professor & Crown Jewels – Ghost Killer
Chalke – The Resurrection
Scott Free – Street Fighting (Martial Arts Mix)
Dead Man’s Chest – Acid Inna Dancehall
Paul Z – Piano Magic

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