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Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show 29.10.2017 Archive

Sunday the 29th October we were supposed to have 2 prerecorded mixes playing on the respected timeslots, but due to difficulties noone was able to get the mixes played on air, as I don’t have the required authorisation. Therefore the 1st hour didn’t happen, but for the second hour Tim rushed back and gave the hardcore fans a set that will never be released due to the content. I want to big up everyone who stayed and listened to that.

Now to the prerecorded mixes that were meant to be played on air.
  Tim played an exclusive Green Bay Wax dubplate special so there will be no tracklist, but you can look forward to a few of the tunes coming out in the near future. My picks from the mix are: the first tune of the mix, as I used to mash the hell out of the sampled tune and the tune around the 51min mark.
  Pete played a Halloween Special, so there are plenty of darker tunes, most of which are obscure or white labels. Picks from the mix are the tune starting around the 28min mark and the tune starting from the 57min mark.

Tim Reaper 29th Oct 2017:

Sorry for this mix there will be no tracklist available.

Pete DevNull 29th Oct 2017:

A lot of obscure white labels.

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