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Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show 15.10.2017 Archive

Sunday 15th October we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who listened in and participated in chat. We had almost everybody in the chat, whose fresh music is featured in the mixes.

  Pete took the first hour and started off very strong and kept going. A lot of new music got played, that you can look out for in the future.
Highlights from the mix for me were “Orca – What Kind of World Remix” and “Eskobar – Inta National”.
  Tim took the second hour with bare fresh music from him and his peers. Some of it will be released and some of it may not be.
Highlights form the mix for me were “Eze-G – Is This Music” and “Chalke – The Future”.

This blogpost was late, because I had a holiday.

Pete DevNull 15th Oct 2017:

Flex – Shack Out
Kind of Blue – Deep Cover
Eskobar – Inta National
Devine & Essence – Quest for Life
Omni Trio – Everybody
SLM – Boof Dem
?? – ?? [forthcoming 8205] Suburban Knights – State of the Art
Kid Lib – The Flex
New Vision- Symbols
Plasmic – Cloud 9
Orca – What Kind of World Remix
Shogun – Pure Alchemy
Sounds of Life – Hidden Rooms
?? – ??
?? – Love tonight
DJ Ham – Slow Motion
?? – ??
DJ Shock C & Ellis The Menace – Crazy Feelings
Urban Wax – Take me Up Remix
Ozzie D – Roll Your Bumper
Baraka – I’ll Be There

Tim Reaper 15th Oct 2017:

Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??
Drum & Bass – The Vibe
Mind Rise – See How It Works
Eze-G – Is This Music
Intelligent Minds – Voyage
Tim Reaper – Lanterns VIP
Voyager – Long Distance
Ant Hill – Bad Mans Fingers
?? – ??
Equinox – ??
?? – ??
Champa B – The Pulse
Electronic Experienced – IQ
Chalke – The Future
?? – ??
SDR & Subsonic And The Riddler – Anytime
DJ Corrosion – Intergration
L Double – All Lighter Massive (ft. MC D.B.O. General)
Flynn & Flora – Free
Nature – Nature
DJ Taktix – Untitled 2
DJ Slam – Looking Into The Light
Manix – Rave Fantasy
Danny Breaks – Step Off (Remix)

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