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Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show 01.10.2017 Archive

Sunday 1st October there was another edition of the Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show on Jungletrain. Blessings to everybody who listened live and took part in the discussion.

  Tim had the first hour with a bit of a cold, but he soldiered through. There were a fair few frehers in the mix that you can hopefully buy in the near future. Special moment that Pete left in happens at 47mins. Roadman Shaq makes a bit of a return as well. My highlights from the mix are the Mr Sensi and Kid Lib tune that is the ?? – ??, a real heavy tune that hopefully sees a release someday and “Original DJ Vibes & DJ Rock – Butterpan Sound”
  Pete took the second hour with 94-95 obscurities from the vault. He mixed lighter and darker tunes with ease and kept the mixing on point throughout. Tims pick from the mix is “DJ Mystical – Renegade”. My picks from the mix are “Unknown Artist – Come Down on Me” and “Little Rollers – What am I Gonna Do?”

Tim Reaper 1st Oct 2017:

Hooligan – Digital
Roni Size & DJ Krust – Tribetoon
Peshay & Roger Johnson – See The Light
Intense – Space Time Continuem (Ricky Force Remix)
Pascal – Hyperthermic
Original DJ Vibes & DJ Rock – Butterpan Sound
Sound Station – Sound Station
Dead Calm – New Format Jazz
Stakka & K.Tee – Bad Influence (Remix)
Champa B – Brainstormer
Edge Of Darkness – Fantastic Voyage (Remix)
Sonar’s Ghost & Tim Reaper – ??
?? – ??
DJ D Lux – Real Time
Splash – Babylon (DJ Trace Remix)
Bizzy B – Welcome To The Future
Andy C – Cool Down
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 4 A1
Phineus II – ??
International Rude Boyz – Paragone (Remix)
Q Project – Night Moves (Alliance Remix)
Static Substance – Follow My Beat

Pete DevNull 1st Oct 2017:

Darren H & Punisher – All Massive
X-Formula – Taking Over
Digital Bass Production – Bad Boy Style
Da Dogz – Nonstop (alt mix)
Andy C & Randall – Sound Control
Tim Reaper, Dwarde, Gand – Globex Vol 4
International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme Remix
Trip One- Snowball Remix
Unknown Artist – Come Down on Me
DJ Mystical – Renegade
Tango + Fallout – Violator Vol 1
House Crew – Untitled
Oska – Leviathan
Audio Sculpture – Self Destruct
Bizzy B – 16 Track Ting
Phantasy & MC Reality – What Is Love
Electronic Experienced – IQ
Doc Scott – Drumz 95
Little Rollers – What am I Gonna Do?
?? – ??

2 Replies to “Blog To The Oldskool Radio Show 01.10.2017 Archive”

  1. Thanks for putting up the mixes on this blog again!

    I routinely miss the show, even though I like it so much. Being able to download them is great: I still get to listen to them on my time, even when offline.

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