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2 Kilos ? – Mohamed’s Mind

It’s been a while since I posted something pre-91, so here’s 2 really strong tracks from the Radioactive Lamb label… “Mohamed’s Mind” is a pretty well respected early single from back when hardcore was in its early stages, and seems to come from the same space (deep electro / industrial vibed tunes) as, say, Holy Ghost Inc. or some of the stuff on Vinyl Solution rather than poppy/vocal stuff of the time .

It was tough to choose which of these two tracks to post. “Mohameds Mind” has a classic breakbeat (Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is Our Thing) looped up with hypnotic noises and facemelt acid on top.. serious headnod business!! “Let Yourself Go” is more electro sounding, real catchy stuff… I swear I knew that vocal stab’s source at some point, right now all I can think of is some more recent Armand Van Helden track that sampled it. The occasional doubled-up beats-as-delay sound is a bit rough, but that just adds to the charm and reinforces that this wasn’t some super slick Top-Of-The-Pops single, but something deeper and no doubt more heavily influential in the end.

Still waiting to track down the “no sellout” EP by them…

2 Kilos – Mohameds Mind
2 Kilos – Let Yourself Go

Oh yeah, here’s the original break if anyone is curious:

5 Replies to “2 Kilos ? – Mohamed’s Mind”

  1. this is one of my favorite blogs, im always excited to learn about the jungle scene before i came along.

  2. Love this blog, just found it searching for this track to play someone as the break features on the new Paradox “Ramifications” EP and this is where I heard it first. I have another white label of theirs with these tracks:

    Fly Bongo Special
    Lord Belvadier (Cathy, Angel, Daniella Mix)
    Break Wonder
    On My Trip
    Mohameds Revenge Remake

    Thanks for posting!
    Happy Days
    Is This My XTC

  3. please give me your address and i will send you a copy of the no sell out ep mr mike de underground

  4. Joseph Cicero! Gotta say how much I rate what you were doing in the 90s!!

    Any chance you could drop me a line on facebook or at this email address?

    would love to bend your ear about one or two things



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