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Blog to the Oldskool Radio on Soundcloud and Mixcloud

Just a quick heads up that all past episodes of the radio show are now uploaded on Mixcloud, and most are slowly going onto Soundcloud (just a handful more to go!)
The catch is that some mixes can’t go on SC because they contain DMCA-able tracks…So far I’ve run into 2 problem ones being blocked: one which started with an old T Power track on a major label, one w/ Adamski “Killer”, again a major label track. I’m sure in both cases it’s 1000% the publishing company being a bit too jumpy with DMCA checks, but either way you can check those on mixcloud for now.

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Weekend Mixes – Sept 20th 2013

Up until recently I’ve posted mixes pretty sparingly, with the exception of my own radio shows… aside from the fact that there’s SO MANY mixes out there (especially now with mp3s opening dj’ing oldskool up to less, erm, oldskool djs) , there’s already a few sites which do great jobs posting classic oldskool mixes – mainly hardscore and deep inside the oldskool to name two (big respect to Phil & JJ). But, there’s been a few really strong mixes I’ve been sent or seen around lately, and it’s always nice to have a few handy… so here goes. I’ll try to do a post like this every now and then.

This first mix is a new one by Panacea, who I’ve posted two other mixes by HERE and and HERE, breaking my “not-usually-posting-mixes” rule simply because they’re so awesome/insane/well suited to my taste. Also, I practically wore out my copy of “Low Profile Darkness” when it came out, so, err, that helps. This new mix is for Long Clothing, a fashion company in the UK. Here you get a similar mixture of oldskool hardcore + jungle, happy mixed with dark… but this time it builds to more modern tearout / skullsteppy dnb sounds at the end.
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