8205 Recordings is dedicated to unearthing choice hardcore/jungle tunes from 1991-1996 which never made it to vinyl. Each 8205 release is limited to between 100 and 300 copies, and is aimed at enthusiast collectors and djs still excited to hear previously unavailable tracks from the original oldskool era.

During the early 90's dance music was evolving at an absolutely breakneck pace, with tempos speeding up and influences rapidly appearing and disappearing from the music. Despite the huge number of releases put out in this time, there are still some truly excellent tunes which never made it out due to unlucky circumstance, scene politics, etc.

The label is run by Pete of Blog to the Oldskool, a site dedicated to helping to expose records of that era which didn't get the recognition they might have deserved. After 6 years of running the site, it made sense to expand into focusing on tunes which never made it to vinyl. It was influenced by labels such as Sublogic, Ninety Two Retro and 7th Storey Projects.