[8205-003] Lopez - "Beyond Fear" / Syuss and Reality - "Missing Link"


8205 Recordings returns in 2016 with its third vinyl release - two jungle tracks recorded in the 90's but never released until now.

First up: Lopez's "Beyond Fear", an atmospheric jungle tune from 1997. Written by Stefan Lopez Cortezo. this tune was mixed and engineered by his close friends of the time, Intense (Good Looking Records, Rugged Vinyl). Back then, "Beyond Fear" was only heard in a few top DJ's sets (Bukem, Gachet, Subject 13) and in abridged form on a Subject 13 Japanese import mix cd. Nineteen years later, it finally sees full release here: eight and a half minutes of deep blissed-out pads and rolling amens sure to bring any fans of that style right back to those times.

On the flip, Syuss and Reality's "Missing Link" does just what the title says. Recorded in 1995 for an EP on Justice's label Flavour Tracks (dropped from that release in favor of a remix), "Missing Link" ends up sounding like a prescient bridge from 93 to modern times. In this tune, elements of classic 1993 darkcore (sinister melodies, dub fx and cascading snares ala early Legend Records) are stripped bare and given a stark, hypnotic, half-time pulse reminiscent of much more recent developments in jungle.

Limited to 300 vinyl copies, 8205-003 was cut and mastered by Beau Thomas of Ten Eight Seven Mastering (who also mixed and engineered the A side back in 1997!). It also features amazing full-cover artwork by Keith Rankin (Giant Claw).

Released: April/May 2016
Mastering: Beau / Ten Eight Seven
Pressing Size 300 copies
Availability NEARLY SOLD OUT (few remaining at Juno)

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