[8205-0xff] Darkside Compilation 2014

FREE Download via Bandcamp

Just in time for Halloween, 8205 Recordings & Blog to the Oldskool unleash a monster free bandcamp compilation featuring over an hour of unreleased and exclusive early 90’s style dark hardcore/jungle (darkside), produced by a veritable who’s who of artists currently producing in that style.

Featuring tracks by DJ FX (Demonic Possession Recordings), Sully (Keysound), DJ Abyss (Switchblade Recordings), Tim Reaper, Dwarde and Champa B (Scientific Wax, 113 Audio, Green Bay Wax), Dev/Null (Blog to the Oldskool/8205), DJ Fav (hardcorewillneverdie.com), R-Core, Strangeworks, and the mysterious Primal Project, a secret alias of a quite well known jungle producer from back in the day. All other tracks are modern takes on the classic darkside style, however this Primal Project track is an actual unfinished tune from 1993, never heard or released until now.

Released: October 31st, 2014
Mastering: Macc / SCMastering
Availability Free Download

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