[8205-007] Smith Inc aka Simon Bassline Smith - Power of Darkness



For the label’s 7th release, 8205 Recordings is honored to feature three tracks of previously unreleased darkside hardcore/jungle by Smith Inc, aka Simon Bassline Smith. Simon is one of the foundational producers and djs of jungle/dnb, from its very earliest days through to current time when he’s still smashing massive dnb raves and sold out tour dates across the globe. The A side of this EP, “Power Of Darkness”, was played on dubplate back in 1993 by Grooverider at parties like Edge, Quest/Fibre Optic and In-Ter-Dance. This tune perfectly highlights the unique dark sound of the time, present for just a brief moment before jungle fully took hold in 1994. On the flip are two more distinct takes on this track. “Power of Daylight” features similar beats to “Darkness”, but with a lighter melody throughout. “Diatonic” goes even further and strips almost all the music away, leaving just thundering percussion and bass. Together, these three tracks show the sounds and creativity that were exploding on the scene back in 1993, making it an absolute must-hear for fans of that sound / era.
Released: November 2nd, 2018
Mastering: Shane @ Finyl Tweek
Pressing Size 450 (Black Vinyl)
Availability For sale on bancamp now

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