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8205 Recordings

8205 Recordings is a vinyl-centric label dedicated to unearthing choice hardcore/jungle tunes from 1991-1995 which never made it off dubplate or DAT. Each release is limited to between 100 and 300 copies, aimed at serious oldskool enthusiasts who are still trying to track down those last few elusive tunes from back in the day.

  • [8205-001] Mixrace – “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx”
  • [8205-002] DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – The Dreadkiller EP

  • [8205-002] DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – The Dreadkiller EP

    This release, done in collaboration with 7th Storey Projects´╗┐, contains four wicked tracks by DJ Exodus + Head Pressure (of Tearin Vinyl/Skeleton fame), which were written back in the mid-90s but sadly never saw release on EP until now. The A side features two darkside style tunes, one which comes across as a rawer and more frantic mix of the pair’s infamous “glass pipe fury” track. The other tune, “Dread Killer”, is a bit deeper and an extremely moody jungle tune which has gotten several ID request during blog2 radio shows. The B side of the EP features a more laid back style, one ragga tune and one more slow-jam jungle track, still featuring frantic beatwork to match the A side.

    8205–2 has been cut and mastered by Beau Thomas (Intense), and is pressed on quality opaque green vinyl limited to 250 copies for sale.

    Order DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Dreadkiller EP

    [8205-001] Mixrace – “Dirty Amen/ Express Yourself Rmx”

    8205-001 featured two stellar tracks produced between 1993 and 1994 by the production duo of Dev Pandya (Paradox) and Dave Davies (DJ Trax). In a scene where artists and sonic fads come and go at a breakneck pace, Dev and Dave have been two constants for over 20 years now. Both artists have constantly pushed their own personal take on jungle/dnb, building a solid foundational sound which gets to the core of what matters in this music: quite literally, drums (breakbeats) and bass. These two tunes, written following the Mixrace Moving Shadow EPs but before their Brown and Dangerman releases, showcase some of the critical elements that make this sound theirs: choppy breakwork, deep punchy bass, and serious, serious, vibes. “Dirty Amen” is the deeper of the two, with a sombre female vocal dropping into classic 93 style amens. On the flip, “Express Yourself Rmx” ups the dancefloor ante, combining diva vocals with hard hitting stuttered breakbeats.

    This release came about after Pete from 8205/Blog to the Oldskool discovered audio of “Express Yourself Rmx” on an old crackly dubplate. After playing it numerous times on his radio show and getting ID requests which he couldn’t answer, he traced the tune back to Dave + Dev. Dave then discovered “Dirty Amen” on a DAT which had been packed away for years, playing it on his radio show where it was met with immediate positive feedback. After seeing the reaction to both these tunes, it seemed a shame to not make them available to others.
    “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx” is a vinyl only release, with mastering done by Macc at SC Mastering

    Note – record is completely sold out…. first 125 copies sold out in under 12 hours on preorder, bonus copies sold out in 12 more hours.

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