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DJextreme & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sets June 27th 2016

Here are last Sunday’s sets – a ripping set from Tim Reaper, and an extra-special guest mix by Phil from As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t post many guest mixes here since there’s lots of other websites which are good for that sort of thing. What I didn’t mention though is that, whenever I make that statement, I’m usually referring to 2 websites in particular, one of which is Phil’s site 🙂 True to form, Phil really delivered the goods here, packing the mix full of excellent but obscure tunes that have “BTTO Radio” written all over them. A couple of these are well known and played regularly on the BTTO Radio (AKA – Farside), but there’s more which I’ve slept on or didn’t even realize I owned (the first two tracks in particular). Others I’ve played a few times but have hidden from tracklists as “??”. And a few are awesome exclusive unreleased 93 tines from the likes of Roni Size and Krust (!!!), which you likely won’t be hearing in any other mixes anytime soon. Finally, Phil even chucked a track from my label’s latest, 8205-003, in there for good measure!

I say it a lot but, it can’t be said enough… big respect to Phil and JJ/deepinside for all their work posting and tracklisting sets as well as giving countless IDs. I hope everyone enjoys these two sets as much as I do, and if so, then please share them around and help spread the word!
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BTTO Radio – May 29th 2016

Here’s the sets from the Sunday before last… ehhhh, to be honest, these shows felt a bit off. Tim and I were meant to do 95->92 roughly in order and then 92->95, but the order fell away as did the strict year restrictions to a degree. Also, despite not saying a word to each other as to what tracks we were going to play ahead of time, Tim managed to play 3 or 4 of the ~30 tunes I had put aside to play second hour (all of them “must play” ones) in his first hour set. Kind of weird brain sync-up thing.

Originally I wasn’t even going to post these, but listening back there’s nice tracks in each and, hey, maybe some of you need a couple random mixes to listen to the middle of the week!
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BTTO Radio – May 15th 2016

Here’s the sets from Sunday night… despite little planning and no central theme, I think these went quite well! One of my better sets in a while, minus the terrible micwork (dropping the mic loudly and obnoxiously joking with chatroom regulars on the mic… I cut out a bit of that from this upload). Tim’s set was really excellent, started at a slower BPM and picked up tempo nicely. I had a couple friends over hanging out listening to his set, and we kept being interrupted by a crazy tune coming on and either them or me wanting to know WTF it was….

Speaking of which, at Tim’s suggestion (sure, blame it on him…also because I couldn’t remember a few of mine!) no tracklists this time. Lots of nice surprises though, maybe a forthcoming 8205 bit in there somewhere 😉

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BTTO Radio May 3rd (Bargain Bin Special)

Here’s the proceedings from Sunday’s Jungletrain show. As explained in the previous post, this was meant to be a “Bargain Bin Special”, where Tim and I both dug through our collection for some of the cheapest stuff we could find. To do this efficiently, we went into Discogs under each of our collections, switched to “stats” view (the little bar graph icon in the top right) and sorted by median value (the median cost of the last 10 copies sold on discogs). Tim’s cutoff price for tunes in his mix was £5.00. Mine was $3.00.

Unfortunately, just because a tune has traditionally sold for quite cheap, doesn’t mean it’s cheap at this very moment. As the last post mentioned, we’re in a crazy peak of frenzied jungle buying, so some cheap tunes get bumped up very very fast. Hence a few of these which have always gone for next to nothing only have copies selling at way above those costs. To help with this, I’ve “burned down” the current price of the cheapest copy on discogs at the time of posting this. This doesn’t count copies which sold between Sunday and now, since we were giving out a fair few track IDs in the chat 🙂

Also, other records in the list might still go for nice and cheap the next time a reasonable copy is listed; just because the only copy of something is selling for £20, doesn’t mean it will go for that much if it’s never sold for more than 3. So feel free to add those to your wantlist and keep an eye out, you still might get them for cheap.

Now, onto the mixes…
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BTTO Radio Feb 21st 2016: Original vs Remix battle!

Can’t believe it took me 3 weeks to post these sets, as they’re two of the better and more interesting sets Tim and I have done in a while.
For the Feb 21st Jungletrain show, Tim and I decided to do an “original vs remix battle”, where I’d play a bunch of tracks the first hour, then he’d play remixes of the exact same tracks the second hour. To do this, Tim and I first picked a series of tracks that met the following criteria:

  • Hardcore/Jungle
  • 91-96 range
  • Both an original version and a remix version released
  • Both versions had to be good, but not too similar to each other
  • I had the original version of the tune, Tim had the remix of the tune

Once we’d cut this list down, we picked our favorite 21 tracks, and decided to do sets just with those. So I’d play certain tracks the first hour, and Tim would follow with the remixes.

Bit of a weird concept, but I think it worked out well – despite the fact that all the tracks featured were good, it seemed pretty evenly split with regard to whether an original or a remix were better. Also, different track order meant that the two sets sound quite different despite having constant familiar elements.

All in all, I know there’s a lot of sets posted here (far more than tunes these days), and not everyone has the time or inclination to listen to them all… but if you want to pick a couple sets to listen to from this site this year, these should be two of them 🙂

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