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Hardcore Rhythm Team – Raggaclash

I’m a big fan of those ’93-’95 ragga jungle cash in tunes made by producers who knew nothing about jungle – resulting in that ramshackle ‘crack jungle’ sound exemplified by tunes like this and LPs like this, but today’s offering features something else entirely – rave producers trying to imitate ragga!

The tune opens with an attempt to conjure up a rural scene (via the theme from Emmerdale) with a bit of dialogue from a raver looking for tickets to ‘The rave down the farm‘, but even though ’92 was the peak year for illegal raves, things seem to have changed – as the unintentionally hilarious pastiche patois response points out – ‘No mon, we’re going to the ragga rave‘… cue a bad impression of the Sleng Teng bassline and some slapdash (and surprisingly slow) breakbeats.

There’s plenty of other incongruous little touches here – the out of tune stabs, the very un-ragga ‘Rockin’ in a ragga style‘ vocal, those weird gaps at the start of the breakdowns that throw the whole tune out of kilter… the overall effect sounds like a bunch of monged out rave producers given 5 minutes with an Atari ST in an attempt to make a ‘ragga’ tune and cash in on the latest trend – and yet there’s a certain innocent charm about this mawkish effort, its just so wrong in every way that you can’t help but admire it’s hodgepodge lunacy.

Hardcore Rhythm Team – Raggaclash

I don’t know much about the Hardcore Rhythm Team (an unfortunate choice of acronym), and this is one of those £1.99 tunes that I picked up in an auction years ago to justify postage for some other winnings – purely on the strength of the title and cover. Apparently it was also released as white label on Badboy records with the deleted ‘One Love’ on the flip. Furious records had a few releases in a similar vein, none of which I have, though it might be interesting to hear how their twisted version of ragga-rave progressed…