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Hardcore Rhythm Team – Raggaclash

I’m a big fan of those ’93-’95 ragga jungle cash in tunes made by producers who knew nothing about jungle – resulting in that ramshackle ‘crack jungle’ sound exemplified by tunes like this and LPs like this, but today’s offering features something else entirely – rave producers trying to imitate ragga!

The tune opens with an attempt to conjure up a rural scene (via the theme from Emmerdale) with a bit of dialogue from a raver looking for tickets to ‘The rave down the farm‘, but even though ’92 was the peak year for illegal raves, things seem to have changed – as the unintentionally hilarious pastiche patois response points out – ‘No mon, we’re going to the ragga rave‘… cue a bad impression of the Sleng Teng bassline and some slapdash (and surprisingly slow) breakbeats.

There’s plenty of other incongruous little touches here – the out of tune stabs, the very un-ragga ‘Rockin’ in a ragga style‘ vocal, those weird gaps at the start of the breakdowns that throw the whole tune out of kilter… the overall effect sounds like a bunch of monged out rave producers given 5 minutes with an Atari ST in an attempt to make a ‘ragga’ tune and cash in on the latest trend – and yet there’s a certain innocent charm about this mawkish effort, its just so wrong in every way that you can’t help but admire it’s hodgepodge lunacy.

Hardcore Rhythm Team – Raggaclash

I don’t know much about the Hardcore Rhythm Team (an unfortunate choice of acronym), and this is one of those £1.99 tunes that I picked up in an auction years ago to justify postage for some other winnings – purely on the strength of the title and cover. Apparently it was also released as white label on Badboy records with the deleted ‘One Love’ on the flip. Furious records had a few releases in a similar vein, none of which I have, though it might be interesting to hear how their twisted version of ragga-rave progressed…


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13 Replies to “Hardcore Rhythm Team – Raggaclash”

  1. Interesting choice, this is definitely an EP I’ve seen all over the place and which still goes for cheap. If I remember right, one of these tracks has that “wait… as I reset the atari!” sample from an early Rebel MC tune?

    The Only Furious Records eps I have are the 3 Vocation singles, not sure if the remaining 2 singles on Furious (the Creator and Mid-Ex)_have any ragga but I don’t remember much if any ragga on those Vocation ones. Nice EPs though!

  2. Retrigger – I certainly think that 2004-06 raggacore/breakcore tunes would have a lot more charm if the producers had done the vocals themselves!

    Pete – I heard 2 of the other HRT releases on Furious years back and I seem to remember a touch of ragga… Youre right about this one though – it is a bargain basement special. I picked it because of the novelty value of this tune, I can’t remember what the other 3 tunes are like but I dont think they’re anything to write home about.

  3. nice one, I think that’s the -worst- hardcore/jungle tune I’ve ever heard!

    speaking of cashins are any of you familiar with Alec Empire’s lone fullon ragga jungle record? it’s quite good actually.

  4. Hilarious tune, but worth noting that I have heard it played on proper hardcore pirate radio stations, both at the time it came out, and a few years afterwards, when they did old skool sets. It’s the real deal in that sense, although I can’t recall ever hearing it at a rave.

  5. Bloody hell…. I raved to this track back in the 90’s plenty of times, I was searching for the sample to send my old raving buddy (we like to send old audio clips to each other to brighten our days). Stumbled on this whole blog insert dedicated to the tune. I think good sir you have immortalised this track! Well done! Now get yourselves down to the ragga rave at the farm 😉

  6. Most of the Hardcore Rhythm Team’s tunes follow a similar path of poorly sampled material thrown together in incongruous manner but as has been said, the tunes were still played out quiet a bit, particularly Do U See the Light.

  7. I was in fact founder of the Hardcore Rhythm Team – it took a couple of hours to put together and went top 75 in the uk charts and number 1 in the dance chart and was selling thousands and thousands per week.

    We also had a massive rave hits with do you ” see the light ” and ooooh

    As well as the Bob Marley one love bootleg

    Previous to that I signed one or two of the biggest rave house tracks “strings of life” also NRG I need your lovin… And sykosis 451 – this town / hurricane as well as setting up the chill label. And compiled a hugely successful series of dance compilations.

    I went on to work on records for salsoul and Sony and polydor!!! So not bad for something we knocked up on a sampler with less than 10 seconds of time….

  8. Troubled World was a great tune. Surprised nobody has mentioned that one.

    Still think One Love was the best HRT tune… Quality stuff.

  9. hardcore rhythm team – see the light is now going for about a hundred quid – and fetching loads of money on the repress too

  10. hardly a cash in these guys were producing breakbeat at the start and were pioneers on the rave scene before jungle had a name – they were producing these records in 1991 onwards !! more pioneering than cash in – and bearinging in mind samplers were in their infancy people like blapps and hardcore rhythm team were using the technology that was available then… the records fetch lots of money simpler because they pioneered the sound and got played all over kiss fm and pirate radio and are still hugely influential on the scene

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