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BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight!

It’s that time of the year again: tonight Tim Reaper and I will be doing a 2 hour BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight. Tim will be going first with some stone cold classic darkside jams, plus a few crazy exclusives/obscurities. I’ll follow up with more beardy and challenging stuff to scare even the most die-hard fan.

It’s getting to be a fun challenge keeping these darkside sets fresh, as I’ve already done about 15-17 hours of them on JT and RF over the past few years, and (at least for now) try to repeat very few tunes between each one. But I spent a few hours rooting around my crates last night, and found a number of great tracks I’ve somehow never played on BTTO before (or not for years), plus a bunch of obscure stuff even those most jaded darkcore fan will hopefully be surprised with. If that sounds good, lock in tonight – should be a fun (and spooky) one 😈

The shows air at 6pm EST/ 10 PM UK / 11pm (notice the different time because of Daylight Savings) on, with live video second hour on the facebook page. Lock in then!

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