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Sileni – Blog to the Oldskool radio guest mix, July 18th 2012

Here’s Sileni’s guest mix from last wednesday… Chris absolutely killed it, crazy to think this guy hasn’t even had access to a dj setup for 5,7 years now… yet he’s still able to just show up with a bunch of records selectored using one leftover turntable, and pull off a mix this coherent and tight! Really nice selection here, staying pretty far away from the main known late 90’s/early 00’s classics (jog on if you’re just looking for “the nine” b2b “locust remix”) but some absolute JAMS including a couple of personal favorites.


intro – David Axelrod – part 1 (“Earth Rot – The Warnings”)
MTS – Hard Disk (Decoder Remix) (Juice)
Digital & Volcov – Particles (Reinforced)
Neotech – Terminal (Moving Shadow)
Sentex – Waywards (Think)
Everything But The Girl – Blame (Fabio Remix) (Virgin)
Special Forces – Propaganda (Photek Productions)
Jonny L – Spike (Piranha)
Graphic – 1000 (Offshore)
Digital – Natty Dread
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan (Virus)
Trace & Nico – Copies (No U-Turn)
Undercover Agent – Hydro (Juice)
Paradox – Illogical Mesozoic (Reinforced)
Basic Unit – Blown Angle (Audio Couture)
Rymetyme + Optical – Twisted (Virus)
Freestyles (Hype & Zinc) – Stronger (True Playaz)
Embee – Cryocold (Fuze)
???? – Exocet (Bones 001)
Rymetyme & Nasis – Abyss (No U-Turn)
G-Force & Seiji – Clear Force (Reinforced)
Todd Terry – Blackout (Astralwerks)
Higher Sense – Limiter (Moving Shadow)
Defuse – Krack (Central Intelligence
Skeptic – Relay (East Side)
Genetix – Silverfish (Outbreak)
Digital – Red Mist (Creative Source)
Calibre – Fire & Water (Soul:R)
Surge – Signal Flow Pt. 1 (Protocol)
Abstract – Curts While’s Last Stand (Pneuma)
Facs & Red – Whole Car (Juice)
Kemal & Rob Data – Gene Sequence (Negative)
Optical – Hi-Tek Dreams (Prototype)
Facs & B-Key – Antics 2 (Biotic)
D’Cruze – Holocaust (True Playaz)
Matt – Confrontation (Fuze)
Future Forces – Intensify (Renegade Hardware)
Elementz of Noize – D4 Toxic Waste (Elementz of Noize remix) (Emotif)
Alpha Omega – Jah Step (Reinforced)
Digital – Fix Up (31)
Jonny L – Wish U Had Something (remix) (XL)
DJ Hype – Jack to a King (True Playaz)
L Double – Headz (Flex)
Danny Breaks – Relvolve (True Playaz)

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