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K2 – Me Love It

Fun ragga hardcore track here. I think the only reason this one is so easy to find is that it had a reasonably larger pressing, as later releases on the label are a bit harder to come by and hence fetch much higher prices (thinking in particular of the Fenetik – E.Lite EP.. never nabbed that one). Same goes for the other K2 release on this label, “Monkey Bizz”, which is another nice record but cheap as anything. First things first though, “Me Love it” is a tune! It mashes up a bunch of breaks and synths used in plenty of existing hardcore tracks (is that bits of “the bouncer” I hear?), coupling them with a super catchy/obvious/functional ragga acapella. No big surprise there, and some of the timing feels a bit loose even by 92 hardcore standards. But really, you kind of can’t go wrong with that combo of elements, and the slowdown 3 minutes in cinches the deal for me.

K2 – Me Love It

6 Replies to “K2 – Me Love It”

  1. LOVE this! I was hooked when the ‘bitty’ sounding bass line came in… and the slowdown kills it.

  2. just ordered it off discogs haha! Bargain too! I reckon your blog has the capability of dictating Discogs prices pete!

  3. Thanks for the review, I have loads of these in my attic unsold if you want any 😉
    Cheers, Scott.

  4. Been looking for this for year’s, thanks for putting in this my head DJ ratty 15/05/92 fantazia, and MC Robbie dee on the bunjee harness gurning, good times

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