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Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranking – The Cow (Don Gorgon House)

Here’s a track I put in my recent mix for (cop that if you haven’t plenty of great lesser known tunes in there w/ a full tracklist provided). This tune in particular is a nice 91 ragga hardcore jam by Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranking, who collabed on a number of great ragga hardcore EPs on labels like Production House before Lloydie Crucial went on to do ragga jungle as “The Concrete Jugnlist”. I’ll admit, like that Kingsound #2 record I upped recently, this might be somewhere between hardcore and house with some people considering it more house, I’ve got it pitched up how I have it in the mix, somewhere between +6 and +8%. It’s quite a repetitive tune, but the samples are all excellent, the classic ragga vox + hardcore synth + break combo never goes stale. Plus, as the track name indicates, you get a somewhat inexplicable “moo” sample on top, which doesn’t sound nearly as ridiculous as it seems it might!! Unlike a few things I’ve posted recently, this is probably a lesser known release, not on youtube etc… I took a chance on it unheard and wasn’t disappointed, still plenty of cheap copies around to grab if you like it!

Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranks – The Cow (Don Gorgon House)

6 Replies to “Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranking – The Cow (Don Gorgon House)”

  1. this would rock a party hard on a 50k rig :0 and hearing a cow moo at extreme volumes is on my “to do” list

  2. Its wicked – I can just imagine watching a crowd slowly come to the realisation that they are hearing a cow moo at them at loud volume.

    Pure bemusement. Love it 🙂

  3. Badass riddim it’s that obscure it took me 26 years to track it down as I only had it on a cassette tape recorded from pirate radio station party fm in Luton in 1991 lol,played it to everyone I could & no one recognised it ( I even played it to the ragtag twins at innovation in the sun in Spain lol ) finally I found someone who knew it,a dude that worked for record distributor srd ( big up yourself Leon Dj d’zine ) this is my favourite track of all time, unbeatable vocals

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