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EFX – It’s About Time

I meant to start posting records I bought in Cali today, but this got mixed in with them somehow, even though I bought it some years ago… here it is anyway! Here we’ve got a 91 style whitelabel obscurity (discogs says 92 but the track itself sounds pretty 91). Big stabs, “it’s about time we move right now” vocal with some technoey synths interspersed. Nothing that throws you for a spin, but still some serious chugging hardcore goodness.

Unfortunately this record seems to be selling for stupid money on discogs right now… if you want a copy there’s 1 remaining “buy it now” copy for 10 quid on ebay, however you might want to just check out the other 2 Nuff Said! releases which are just as good in my opinion, and far easier to find / cheaper. In fact, I posted the Progression EP earlier on this blog, which is a great EP of more 92/93 sounding material… well worth nabbing!! Still, here’s the EFX one for the obscurity hounds.

EFX – Its About Time

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  1. Thanks for uploading. This is definitely from 1992. It is featured on Micky Finn – AWOL (Live In London Vol. 1) tape set from 1992.

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