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Oz Beat – The Return of Oz Beat

OK back to something a bit less grimey. Aside from the tunes on its main label, Formation put out quite a few choice EPs on its offshoot label F PROJECT, run by Mark Yorath. A select few of those are quite in demand (Tango Project EP, Turbo Sound EP, Brainstorm Crew EP), but the vast majority are cheap/easy to find and have been for a long time now. In particular, I’ve always seen plenty of the later F Project records (part 2 / the return/ etc) around, since people probably know the earlier ones best Yet there’s some great tracks on these later release, and the production (no doubt thanks to Yorath) is rock-solid.
Here’s a particular favorite, a remix of the first Oz Beat EP which Easygroove played in his Fantazia New Year’s Eve 92-93 set. It’s got the soulful diva vocal / sinister synth combo of happy and dark that made so much early hardcore the sonic equivalent of “sweet & salty”. The track seems to slow down and goes half time for a bit, before regaining momentum and building to an absolutely massive synth breakdown (the original Oz Beat hook run through a flanger). Clocking in at just four minutes, “Return of Oz Beat” definitely doesn’t waste time and isn’t as overloaded with samples as some of my other 93 favorites, but it’s a perfect track for mixing OR listening on it’s own – definitely one to nab!

Oz Beat – The Return Of Oz Beat

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