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Wiz – Gizzadab

Another obscenely cheap EP, again by the aforementioned E-Type (see the Rollin Records release I posted below). Damn, it seems like the vast majority of not-rare hardcore stuff now is going for nothing… this record is literally cheaper than a single track in an mp3 store! While it’s not a massive stormer, it’s a great solid early 91 hardcore track, which I might be more ready to mix in with newer dance tunes due to the slower tempo and the lack of crazy samples etc. Even though it’s not super nuts, the tweaky synth sounds are excellent, and it has a nice chugging quality to it. There was a sped up version of this on the Illegal Rave II comp which came out 2 years later, this is the original ripped off vinyl though.
Wiz also did a great second EP on Absolute 2, super underrated track which I used in my first mix back in 2006… I’ll probably post that up tommorow if I don’t find anything that catches my eye more before then.

Wiz – Gizzadab

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