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FT2 – Body Tune Up (Remix)

Here’s another good 94-95 jungle release on Flying Fish, by FT, who I’ve previously posted this EP and this other EP by. Really good stuff, there’s also a couple interesting sampleable breakbeats at the end of the EP (sort of likes one of those “ultimate beats + breaks” comps) – not super usable but an interesting idea anyway. I wish more producers had done stuff like that, would kill to have the components of some of the 93 sub base or reinforced stuff (Reinforced actually put out a sample CD which I have, but it had little to none of their real samples, eg nothing from the fabled studio session that resulted in a DAT of material used in many of their most classic releases back then).

FT2 – Body Tune Up (Remix)

5 Replies to “FT2 – Body Tune Up (Remix)”

  1. I wonder if the name FT2 has any relevance to Fasttracker 2 that was released in late 1994 I believe?

  2. @ Dennis Doppler
    The artist was DJ FT who played on various London pirate radio station including Innocense, Touchdown and Crystal FM amongst others. I think the FT stands for “Finely Tuned”. I am guessing it was called FT 2 as it could of been his second release (I’ve got another track by him). I remember the radio ads for this release which I think might if been distributed by Boogie Beat.

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