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Eddie – Intelligent Drummer (Steve Gurley Remix)

I suppose I could try to write up something about how important Steve Gurley was as a member of Foul Play and for his later music which was massively influential. Instead, I’ll give you a detailed look into the deep critical process and internal dialogue which went into picking and posting this track today:

“Hmmm, most of these records by my turntables I’ve been playing a lot lately, kinda wanna find something on my shelves I haven’t heard in a while.”

“Ooh, mini records!” [10″s] “haven’t gone through these in a minute. Can’t post these shadow or sub base ones, what else is here? this Raw From China one is cool but I put it in a mix and probably already posted it…. really can’t be bothered to walk 8 feet back to my laptop and confirm.”

“This one has a nice label, no idea what it is though… looks like some 94-95 stuff. One Touch, aren’t I waiting on an email back from the guy who ran that label? Or was it some other one-something label?”

“Cool, Steve Gurly did a remix on this. let me check that out “(puts on wrong side) “this is OK but nothing too special, let me check the other side” (actually the steve gurley side)… “nice!! deeper sounding than that other track, eddie bo and cold sweat breaks always a plus… production a bit weird but that’s probably my crappy needle going… need to remember to search online about best needles for ripping vinyl.”

Eddie – Intelligent Drummer (Steve Gurley Remix)

8 Replies to “Eddie – Intelligent Drummer (Steve Gurley Remix)”

  1. I was advised Stanton 500 Mk3 is a good ripper for basic..

    Otherwise need to maybe go more audiophile route?

  2. nice i liked this tune havnt heard it with bass yet as im on th lappy but i`m liking the topend :0

  3. Cool, will check those Stanton needles! Also wondering if having my turntables running through an older model serato box could be degrading the signal source at all? I hope not since I don’t want to keep plugging/unplugging the box every time I rip a tune!

    As for other people posting… I’ve tried to get a number of people involved who I think would really contribute great stuff (Leo DSP,, Dara, Will Sublogic Droid), usually they’re into it for a post or 2 but then drop off. Not sure why, I assume most people are probably busy with real life stuff. I also don’t feel comfortable bugging people to post more since it’s not like I’m paying them or they get anything out of it other than the satisfaction that a bunch more people might be enjoying a tune they think is underrated.

  4. if you guys are really concerned about ripping vinyl with the highest should use belt drive turntables instead of direct drive to minimize any sound artifacts from motors etc.

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