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Love Dove Jay – The Hitchcock Storey

I’ve been slack on posting releases lately, to make up for it here’s a darkside fav. Choppy beats, classic horror movie samples, and a nasty timestretched breakdown at 4:15 which is one of the sickest this side of Grooverider’s Sinister (Influence Mix) or DJ SS’s Nightstalker remix. Clocking in at over 8 minutes counting the intro and outro samples, this track is pretty epic. maybe more appropriate for mixing than for home listening. Still, it’s well structured and has a fair number of changeups which keep it interesting. Definitely one worth seeking out.

Love Dove Jay – The Hitchcock Storey

6 Replies to “Love Dove Jay – The Hitchcock Storey”

  1. Oh man! This blog is the Dogs Gonads! some wicked choons mate. I’m just recently into oldskool hardcore/breakbeat/jungle and it’s great i’ve stumbled upon your blog. I’ll certainly be on the hunt for most of these class choons on vinyl hopin’ to grab a few bargains. You certainly know your shit man! Keep up the great work.


  2. Just come across this and wanted to thank everybody for the kind comments for this tune wanna send a special thanks for uploading this and also this blog,
    Thanks again for the positive energy much appreciated .
    Peace… LOVE DOVE JAY…. aka Plasma(zen recordings)

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