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X-Mas Grab Bag

Merry Christmas, here’s a few quality tracks for your ear stockings….

First two tracks are by Jon Doe, aka CLSM. This first track is from 1995… Discogs says 1993, but I don’t believe that date since there’s none on the record and the other track has some retriggery/choppy stuff that didn’t really feature in happy hardcore until 95/96 or so… It’s basically a remix of
Kicks Like a Mule “The Bouncer”, but faster and heavier.

Jon Doe – The Outsider
This next track is on a 97 happy hardcore single, but features tons of oldschool samples and is heavy on the breakbeats.

Jon Doe – Feel The Bass

I can’t understand why this next single isn’t more appreciated… perhaps the fact that there was both a UK and US pressing made it easire to come by. Also, there’s 6 tracks and not all are great… but at least 2 or 3 of the tracks are really killer, and 3-4 are definitely playable. This is my favorite of the 6:

Energy Zone – Original Rub N Dub Style

This next single is on the mighty and previously mentioned F Project label. Though the A-side is a bit more recognizable for it’s “chitty chitty bang bang” breakdown, this B side track holds up a bit more throughout. Although Discogs claims it’s just by an artist called “Wardance”, the intro of this tune leads me to think that maybe DJ Dance had something to do with it (well, the intro plus the fact that DJ Dance ran a label called “Wardance” and did another single on F Project).

Wardance – AA1

4 Replies to “X-Mas Grab Bag”

  1. GREAT site… a very needed service. thank you thank you. also, if you are dev.null, lazer thrash was great. i’m not a huge fan of hardcore of the metal variety, but your working of it was still quite enjoyable.

    i love old ragga… it’s a hard field to study. i lost my best mixtapes, and no one seems to specialize in it much anymore.

    some of them are dead, but this site has some sets of oldskool ragga:

    they also have great reggae and spanish civil war stuff.

    also, weird question, but do you have a working definition of “jump-up”? i’ve heard sets of it that i love, but never heard a definition that clicked for me (also, i know genres can be meaningless, blend, etc…)

  2. Hmm, not sure really of a single definition of “jump up” since that term can refer to tracks from 95-96 all the way up to current, and it means slightly different things on the far ends of those. Early jump up as was tons of hip-hop samples, warbly bass, a strong relatively straightforward (when compared to non-jump up jungle tracks) drum part. Really a much more overt hip-hop influence evident in the songs than in other jungle of the time, not just in the samples but also with respect to the rhythms.. lots of half timey hip hop speed parts etc.

    Modern 2007 Jump Up is more atonal (or at least not traditionally melodic) video-gamey sounding leads, maximized and even simpler beats.

    That’s my rough hack at a description, I don’t listen to enough old or new jump-up to really define or even describe it well. Anyone else wanna give a better one?

  3. great, thanks.. i can attest to the hip hop influence. ming & f.s. had some tracks (in their junk yard style) that had a similar feel… and they produced hip hop!

    i just saw a lot of ragga djs back in the day who would incorporate (jump up) and hip hop into their sets. this is way pre dj rupture dj ripley style mashups…

    i’m curious about modern jump up… i don’t know that i would like it based on your description, but i didn’t even know it was still active as a genre.

  4. Hi Pete (and readers)…
    I wonder if you can help.

    There was a crazy novelty release that I believe was Christmas themed, I’m sure I read about it on this very blog but have searched to no avail.

    All I know is it’s titled something to do with ‘granny’ and possibly ‘turbo’, and the rumour was it was a Wishdokta production. ANY idea what I might be talking about?

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