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SMF – Twisted Bungle

Here’s a pretty strange cool track by the guys who brought you “Guillotine”. This tune was featured in several big mixes including DJ Hype’s “Ruff Stuff Part 3” (a must-have if you haven’t heard it), Bukems Yamen studio mix #9, and a Gachet mix from 93. The breakproduction on this tune is a little bit thin, but the music is really interesting and wicked, really tweaky / out there at points with a number of major changeups. I need to dig through my collection some more and find more twisted tunes like this to post, if anyone has any suggestions about real strange sounding obscurities with lots of changeups, feel free to leave a comment and if I have them I’ll post them.

SMF – Twisted Bungle

19 Replies to “SMF – Twisted Bungle”

  1. I forget the name but there was an Alex Reece remix of a tune from 94 or 95 that killed it, a 10″ I think it was..

  2. I love this tune but it’s hard to find others that will mix and have a similar mood.

    The synth stabs are very trippy.

    Thanks also for the ID on the Hype mix, been trying to trace that for years.

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