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Jack Ruby – For Adults Only

Here’s some quality 94 amen choppage. Nothing too out there, just well engineered beats, sick dred bass and, erm.. sex sounds. The bass and beats remind me a bit of DJ SS “Rollidge” or “Lighter”. Jack Ruby (AKA DJ Zinc) did a number of good 94 jungle EPs which are all somewhat under-appreciated and go for next to nothing.

5/18/2018 – Link changed to streaming only, since Zinc has been putting his tunes up for sale on Go grab em there!

Jack Ruby – For Adults Only

3 Replies to “Jack Ruby – For Adults Only”

  1. Daaamn why all known producers stped producing this incredible sounds, why they all started produce the shitti dnb music of today? Im started listening and spinning oldskool jungle 10 years ago, and still spinning it till today!

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