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N.H.B. – We Can Get Freaky

Here’s something a little different for sunday… early/mid 90’s booty hiphop, which still has enough “oldskool” elements (heavy funky drummer breakbeat, acid bassline, reasonably fast tempo) to warrant me posting here. This track is also probably more obscure than anything else I’ve posted on this blog. There’s basically no info about its vinyl release on the net, discogs or otherwise. I ripped this from the cassette album, which is easier to find but sounds pretty bad (not sure if that’s the tape or the original song quality though).

British booty DJ DJ Guy was nice enough to fill me in on some info about his vinyl copy, which he dropped in a recent mix:

The 12″ has a white label with red text. “We Can Get Freaky (Won’t Nobody Tell)” is on the A-side and B-side has the amazingly awfully named “I Luv You Moms” which is crap. It’s on MDI Records with a catalog number of E.L.H. 1076 (the matrix on the record is ELH-1076). Executive Producer is Ed Harrison and both sides also say “Romie Oh!” under the track names – I don’t know what that means though.

Up until reading that, I wasn’t even sure this track had made it to vinyl. I’m still looking to buy the vinyl version if anyone ever finds a copy…email me!

NHB – we can get freaky

Here’s a clip of the song from the ever-amazing “New Dance Show”:

Also, here’s a sick mix by DJ Food that features the track

12 Replies to “N.H.B. – We Can Get Freaky”

  1. update: I was in Detroit last weekend, and I only had time to go to one record store. I checked the hiphop section but it looked like mostly mainstream stuff. Then I noticed a larger “used” section below… looked in the N section and, staring at me from the absolute front of a row was a still-sealed copy of this on vinyl, for $4. SCORE!!

  2. thanks, still haven’t opened my vinyl copy, does your sound better than this cassette rip?

  3. Hi jj,

    How much do you want for it? Are you in the US? Would you send to London England?



  4. This was a track produced by Omar Harrison aka Romie Oh! & yours truely Jihad Majied aka DJ Head. We made this track back in the 90’s when we still lived in Detroit.

  5. I don’t represent that same stupid mentality I had during my younger years during the time recording this material. If I could take back some of the vibes presented on this tape I would.

    I love music still make music but I do not do so to the detriment of my people (black people) nor its promotion of it.

    We can freaky was a fun record, but we grow up…and educate our children –

    Romie Oh!

  6. I just found out about this! Pretty boy chill (Willie Robinson) is my father! My auntie was on the track singing the chorus!

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