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The 2 – We Is 1

On with the obscurities… I picked this up after checking out a snippet of it which turned out to be from a different record. Ah well, this EP ended up being a decent slab of wax too. The B side (featured here) is a nice laid back breakbeat techno track, well arranged and tasteful. I kind of err on the side of posting more raging tracks on this site… heavy on the mentasms, crazy beats, and hands-in-the-air piano lines. This track has none of those, but is still a nice early tune that I’d definitely throw in a set. The A side (“Lovin’ You”) is a weird, almost proto-intelligent sounding remix of Minnie Riperton “Loving You” (“Loving you… is easy because you’re beautiful…”). Not sure what I think about that one yet, but this tune is solid!

The 2 – We Is 1

7 Replies to “The 2 – We Is 1”

  1. Love this record. Both sides. Missed seller on discogs. Let me know if you will sell it, Pete. 😉
    Thx for the track.

  2. big big big one
    looking for this record intensely
    if any one around want to sell it, or even just the wav. …

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