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Persian Prince – The Gorgon Wise EP

I had no idea about this record, checked it out since I didn’t recognize the title and was not disappointed – weird and cool ragga jungle engineered by Bizzy B. The timestretched vocal bit reminds me of Formula 7 “Timestretch the Bass”, and while I probably like that tune a bit more overall, this track has some great bits in it – massive breakdowns, crazy off-kilter choppy beats, and weird cut up vocals peaking through.
Originally I had this down as being from 93 based on the Discogs page, but the artist mentioned it was actually recorded in 1991. Kind of surprising given what little I’ve heard from Bizzy B’s studio in 91 (basically just this EP – these tunes seem way more advanced than that) but, as some records took ages to come out, it’s possible some of the craziest 92 stuff we know best from Bizzy actually was from back then… Regardless, quite cool lesser known single by an artist who is still doing big tunes… check his soundcloud for many newer tracks

Persian Prince -Persianina Babylon

5 Replies to “Persian Prince – The Gorgon Wise EP”

  1. nice one – I’m a massive fan of that raw as hell ’93 Bizzy B style tho this isn’t as much as a straight rinseout as much of his own stuff. great tune anyway – dunno if you care but that vox sample near the end “dreadlocks can’t live inna tenement yard” is the late great Jacob Miller of Inner Circle. unfortunately, & sorry to bother w/this, while it plays fine I’m having problems downloading it.

    thanks as always

  2. Hi I have an Excellent example of this Persian Prince Gorgon wise E.P…& I like the Art work not to mention the whole Record..A Banger for me..A keeper…was selling it but I took it off of INTENSE RECORDS Discoggs site..

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